I co-own MJMeetings with my wife, Missy.

Mic Johnson | Principal & COO

I’m the utility player on the team. My roles and responsibilities include: Brand Ambassador, Engagement Concierge, Sales, Account Management, Consulting, Accounting, IT, Website, and whatever else needs to get done for the business.

We started this business because we wanted to build something we could be proud of that would give us the freedom to put our expertise to work…on our own terms.

Our culture is one of transparency and a commitment to doing the right thing every time.

I’ve always told Missy that she’s the Patrick Mahomes (GO CHIEFS!)  of Meeting Planning. My job is “every other position on the field” and to do everything in my power to free her up to do what she does best…put on incredible meetings and events for our clients.

✦Startup Life – I’ve worked for 3 different startups over the last 16+ years.
✦Therapist – A requirement for any effective consultant.
✦Strategic – I help create, fine-tune and implement ideas.
✦Company Culture Evangelist – I’m not afraid to talk about what works…and what doesn’t.
✦Implementation – If I’m working on it. It gets done. Period.

☑ Honest – The last time I lied was to my mom my junior year in high school.
☑ Authentic – Built into the fabric of who I am.
☑ Reliable – I do what I say I’ll do. EVERY TIME. I don’t drop balls.
☑ Passionate – Talk to me and you’ll see.
☑ Organized – My desk, my work, my email inbox, my car, my closet, my home….you name it, it’s organized.
☑ The “Why?” Guy – I ask WHY? because I care deeply about providing real, well thought out solutions over band-aids.
☑ Business Chameleon – I’ve worked for and with start-ups, medium, and large companies…in cubicle farms, at client sites, and virtually.
☑ Resourceful – Tell me who or what you need. I’ll find a way to help…or find someone who can.

Ⓜ The hardest thing about perspective is keeping it.
Ⓜ Ignoring your instincts is the quickest path to regret.
Ⓜ Get up early. The sunrise is waiting for you.
Ⓜ You don’t have to do it like everyone else does. That’s for sheep. Be a lion.
Ⓜ Listen to the voice in your head telling you to reach out to people who’ve been on your mind. There’s magic in those moments.