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Smart Business: Hire A Meeting Professional With A CMP

Missy Johnson, CMPPost written by Missy Johnson, Principal, MJMeetings, LLC | Meetings Consultant | Gourmet Food & Wine Enthusiast | Sports Fan

When looking for a contractor to handle your kitchen remodel, you’ll look for one that’s licensed and bonded, right?

If you need tax advice, doesn’t a CPA always stand out among other professionals?

Of course. But why?

Because people, in business and in life, place value on the education and standards that come along with a credential, license or designation.

We know that the person who pursues such a designation values what they do as much as how they do it. And we appreciate the efforts they put forth in obtaining that extra education.

Many industries provide it’s professionals with certified designations. The meeting, convention, exhibition and events industry is no different.

One of the most prestigious and globally recognized designations in this industry is the CMP – Certified Meeting Professional, as awarded by the Convention Industry Council (CIC).

What is a CMP?

According to the CIC website, the CMP designation was formed in 1985 to:

-Enhance the knowledge and performance of meeting professionals,

-Promote the status and credibility of the meeting profession, and

-Advance uniform standards of practice.

CMP Certificate - Missy JohnsonFirst, a meeting professional must meet very specific criteria to qualify to sit for a rigorous examination – professional work experience, education and membership/volunteerism within a professional industry related organization.

Second, a meeting professional must study for the exam using several recommended tools – the CMP International Standards (written and updated by current CMP’s), the Convention Industry Council Manual, the Professional Meetings Management Book and the APEX (Accepted Practices Exchange) Glossary.

Finally, after application approval and a study period for the exam is complete, a meeting professional is ready to take the CMP examination. Once passed and awarded the designation, a CMP is required to maintain and update their credentialing every 5 years.

Why is it important to work with a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)?

When you work with a CMP, you’re working with someone who has a comprehensive knowledge of the meetings management industry, understands and honors industry standards, practices and ethics, and values continuing education in their field.

With over 10,000 CMP’s in over 55 countries, it’s not hard to see why so many meeting professionals have made this designation a priority in their professional development.

A Certified Meeting Professional is someone who holds a specific recognition among their peers for knowledge, skill and experience while also adding credibility and commitment to their profession.

The bottom line? It’s just smart business to have a CMP on your side when planning your most important face-to-face meetings and events.

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  1. Beverly Abbott says:

    The information you put into your blog about a CMP is so vital to those who only want the best when it comes to plan their company’s meetings. And Missy….you’re the BEST CMP in the KC and surrounding area. I’m so glad your blog was so informational about this because the average person has no idea the amount of education you must have to be a CMP. Keep those blogs coming!

  2. Jon Hixon, CMP says:

    What a great article Missy and right on point! When I worked as a Meetings Director for the American Bar Association it was important to me to demonstrate my professional commitment and expertise to my professional peers and the ABA leadership with whom I worked, and the CMP designation readily allowed me to do just that!

    Since moving over to the supplier side of our industry I’ve definitely found that CMPs share a common language and approach things with a shared baseline of industry experience and knowledge. This is a great way to begin building the rapport and trust we all want to develop truly win-win relationships.

    I’ve enjoyed knowing and working with you for a minute now and I would echo Beverly’s comments that you exemplify the best of what our industry is all about. Keep on shining!!

    • Missy Johnson says:

      Jon –
      Thanks so much for echoing the message in my blog about the impact a CMP can have on your business. And, thank you especially too for the warm comments about me personally.

      It was great to catch up with you by phone earlier too. I hope to see you again soon. Take care!


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